Internet of Things (IoT), industry 4.0 and remote diagnostics
Industry 4.0 isn’t new and has been reasonably well utilised in the manufacturing industry. With the knowledge gained from the manufacturing industry and other sectors, we are well placed to utilise digital connectivity ‘big data’ within science and high technology sectors.

Ideation/Feasibility studies, Proof of Concept, Proof of Principle and R&D
With decades in the field of automation and control, the team at Applied Scientific Technologies are well equipped to help you along the automation journey. The team has years of experience to quickly and effectively assess and solve your automation challenge. After working collaboratively with your team, we’ll propose novel solutions to your unique challenges, the team at Applied Scientific Technologies is ready to undertake risk mitigated approaches to engineer and evaluate the most suitable solution.

You know your science and we know engineering. We will come up with ideas technologies, leveraging funding streams such as Innovate UK grants and local regional growth funds. Applied Scientific Technologies is ready to help work with you to ideate, conceive and prove cutting edge technologies to help your business grow and compete.

Robotics and autonomous systems
Applied Scientific Technologies has access to a multitude of multidisciplinary engineers to design, build, deliver and support world class robotics, controls and autonomous systems to help your business deliver the goods and services you offer. We offer the range from un-attended robotics to undertake your processes, robotics to allow you to achieve what wasn’t possible before, to automation to help you undertake or scale up development projects. We’ve experience with vision systems, sample/substrate handling, handling liquids, solids, on-line testing, measurement and analysis along with a whole raft of other technologies. All the systems are designed and manufactured here in Stokesley, so you can visit or telecall in to view progress, whenever you want.

Product development and upgrades
We are here to take your ideas and turn them into a reality. Whether you are starting up from scratch, or you want an upgrade or addition to an existing product then our team of engineers are ready to talk through your ideas. We’ll work with you to talk through the options for designing for manufacturability.

General robotics consultancy
With over 17 years of automation, robotics and control with sectors ranging from manufacturing plants to micro fluidics, the team at Applied are well placed to advise and guide on processes, new and old. We can help you set out the roadmap for expansion, change or implementation of robotics and autonomous systems. Whether you need an impartial partner to ensure that the procurement and delivery of a system is as smooth as possible, or if you are new to the world of automation, we know all the pitfalls and ways to ensure that the delivery of equipment is as successful as possible.

Mechatronics engineering
As a company of engineers ranging from software, mechanical, chemical and electrical engineers we can put our mind to most engineering challenges. Whether it be a little gadget to solve a little problem, just to make the work a little easier, or a bigger piece of automation to make the businesses processes smoother and cheaper we are always here to advise and help.

Existing equipment upgrade, maintenance and decommissioning
Obsolescence and breakdowns are obvious problems with aging machinery, however other factors such as operational speed or changing consumables and glassware may be crucial factors in getting the best out of your equipment. We can review your hardware to see how to keep it performing at its best.

The benefits of upgrading:

System migration is, or at some point will be, a very important topic to every manufacturer or researcher. Applied has an extensive amount of experience in migrating many hardware and software platforms and can assist customers in this process.

We have in-house expertise to extract the required information from existing legacy configurations, hardware, software, experienced operator knowledge or old documentation. Based on this information, we can make specific recommendations on a migration or upgrade path.

If it doesn’t make financial sense to upgrade or maintain any equipment then we can safely remove.

Simulation Tools
Simulation software is an effective and efficient tool for simulating and testing automation software.

Simulation provides a solid platform for testing the automation software, providing a realistic image of current process behaviour, ensuring that the systems work as they should. Simulating signals, actuators and sensors facilitates safe system engineering. Simulate and reproduce malfunctions and critical conditions, reducing stress on systems and improving safety for staff, equipment, and the environment. Simulation can also utilised as an invaluable tool for training purposes.