Project Management

Applied Scientific Technologies UK offers a comprehensive range of training courses for all delivered systems, PLC, SCADA and DCS. These are held at our conference facilities, although all courses can be offered on-site if required.

Applied can offer clients a number of consultancy services, including:

System Specification/Requirements
We can develop system specifications/requirements according to your specific workflows and operations. Specifications can be produced for automation hardware, software, cabinet design, instrumentation design, industrial network systems, computer hardware and other system components.

Technology Evaluations
Taking into account your system requirements, our engineers use their knowledge and experience to evaluate possible system solutions.  We solicit product demonstrations and facilitate product comparisons based on these requirements. These solutions are evaluated using a given set of criteria.  The results are then presented in an evenhanded manner, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Site Systems Evaluations
Legacy systems can exist as isolated “islands of automation”, as can manual operations. These situations require a systems evaluation to determine the most cost-effective path for merging/migrating the systems into an integrated and maintainable system.

Applied offer tailored maintenance packages designed to cover every aspect of your system.

These can include the following service options:

Engineer Call Out – allow the facility for telephone support from an engineer to assist your own engineering staff to investigate a system problem and, if applicable, request the engineer attend site to help effect a system repair.

Dial-Up Remote Connection – enabling clients, or our engineers, to carry out remote system diagnostics from any location via telephone line.

Typical uses of Remote Dial-in module:

Disaster Recovery – every business and organisation can experience a serious system failure that prevents it from continuing normal operations. We can offer a system recovery path that will allow your organisation to recover from such incidents in the minimum amount of time, with minimum disruption and at minimum cost.

Healthcare Checks – performing proactive maintenance in order to aid in the prevention of system problems and maintaining the system wellbeing.

Spares Management – provide and manage both on and off-site spares holdings.

On-Site Engineering Support – can be used to carry out system maintenance, small system modifications and upgrades.

Typical uses of Support Days:

You control how and when the support days are used.


Applied has successfully completed a number of projects to GAMP (good automated manufacturing practice) guidelines for pharmaceutical companies. Providing fully documented system design and development to ensure compliance to FDA regulations.